As always, the only authoritative source for information about the Bar Poker Open is the Bar Poker Open website and emails. We do our best to pass this information along to you here.

It is Time to RSVP!!!

If you have won a seat to this event, you need to go to your BPO dashboard and RSVP. There is no reason not to RSVP if you are thinking of going. All seats expire after this event and cannot be used in Atlantic City.

There is a lot of information available in the RSVP process. Please read it carefully to avoid any surprises when you get to Las Vegas!

To RSVP, just log into your BPO dashboard, and click the “RSVP” button at the top right corner of the page. After a successful RSVP submission, you should see a green button with a checkmark indicating that “you are done!”

Arrivals and Registration:
Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Championship will be (6/11 – 6/14)

Friday, June 15th, 2017

Click Here to Make a Reservation at the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas

If you call, *** Use Discount Code “GSBPO18”

Visit the BPO Site for Official Event Details!

Reasons to Stay at the Golden Nuggett

Info from BPO as of Jan 5, 2018:

We are going to be adding an extra day to the series to allow for some special activities, more events, more parties, and of course an awesome $200,000 Championship.

As always, we encourage all players to participate in the room block as it is THE main revenue driver for the property, and that allows us to host our event here.

Because of that, there will be even MORE benefits for those that book a room at the host hotel using our code GSBPO18 or through the link.

Room rates Sun – Fri will be $69 Total WITHOUT any resort fee (normally $29.50 plus taxes) *players might see it in the fine print (if they read it) but the hotel can’t take that out as it’s hard coded into all reservations, they will not be charged as long as they use that code “GSBPO18” or book through out link.

We will be releasing more details as they are concrete, as of now the dates and hotel rates should be everything the players need to book their trip.

Tournament Details

Again, please refer to the Bar Poker Open site for the latest and authoritative information.

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