Poker in Mount Holly, NC at South Main Kitchen & Tavern

We have poker games every Wednesday. Please go to the Upcoming Events page for exact dates and times. Our weekly poker tournaments are always free to play!

Come to South Main Kitchen & Tavern for the best free poker games in Mount Holly, NC!

South Main Kitchen & Tavern

(704) 812-8973

Texas Holdem Poker, Wednesday at South Main Kitchen & Tavern

Your Tournament Director

Kristy Kane

Standings - Top 5

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Player Points
Chris Hursey 7047
Kevin White 6406
Katrina Hopkins 6373
Susha Hursey 5874
Charles Sloop 4885

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Recent Winners

Layton Biddy (Jun 13, 7:00 pm)

Kevin White (Jun 6, 7:00 pm)

Daniel Porter (May 30, 7:00 pm)

Chris Hursey (May 23, 7:00 pm)

Whether you call it tavern poker, or pub poker, or bar poker, the bottom line is that our players compete for well over $300,000 a year in cash prizes. So come on out to your local tavern or pub and get in the game, friendly and fun no buy-in Texas Holdem with Kontenders Poker League!

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