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Fundraiser for Pam Cooksey


Win an Online Bar Poker Open $50,000 Seat!

This fundraiser will be held November 7th, 1:00 pm Eastern Time


We are giving away a seat (or TWO seats, if we get to 40 players!) into the Bar Poker Open $50,000 Online Championship!



Thank You So Much for Your Participation!

Today’s game is at 1:00 pm Eastern, noon Central. 

You have been given chips in your account for your buy-in and any rebuys you may have paid for. It is set up as 100 chips per buy-in, so if you paid for an entry plus three rebuys, you should have 400 chips.

Rebuys and Addons

I think you are all familiar with this, but if you are eliminated during the rebuy period, you will be asked if you want to rebuy. You have to respond to this prompt.

If you have one or more re-buys remaining at the end of the rebuy period, you can do an add-on. The system will remind you but YOU MUST DO THIS YOURSELF during the break — and before the break ends.  Please refer to this page on our website.

Again, thank you, and Good Luck!

We will be playing Texas Holdem. Rebuys must be purchased in advance, and are non-refundable. First rebuy is $20, second and third rebuys are $15 each. Rebuys can be used through the first seven levels. At the end of the rebuy period, any player with an unused rebuy can get an add-on.


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Pam Cooksey, one of our Austin Area Supervisors, has been diagnosed with stage 4 high risk GIST cancer recently. She found out in January that her cancer was back but due to the pandemic a treatment plan wasn’t established until now.

Her tumors have grown significantly since then and to try and combat the growth that has taken place the doctors are going to try an aggressive treatment plan. Her treatment plan includes a combination of Chemoembolization, Cryoablation, and Gleevec medication

“Many people with cancer have medical expenses for things like:

>Provider office visits
>Clinic visits for treatments
>Lab tests (blood tests, urine tests, and more, which are usually billed separately)
>Procedures (for diagnosis or treatment, which can include room charges, equipment, different doctors, and more)
>Imaging tests (like x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, which may mean separate bills for radiologist fees, equipment, and any medicines used for the test)
>Radiation treatments (implants, external radiation, or both)
>Drug costs (chemo or other medicines that treat your cancer that may be inpatient, outpatient, prescription, non-prescription, and procedure-related)
>Hospital stays (which can include many types of costs such as drugs, tests, and procedures as well as nursing care, doctor visits, and consults with specialists)
>Rehabilitation expenses
>Surgery (surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, operating room fees, equipment, medicines, and more)
>Home care (can include equipment, drugs, visits from specially trained nurses, and more)
>Specialist referrals (other specialty doctors, physical therapy, and others)
>Transportation costs (This may include the cost of travel to receive treatment, be it by car, plane, train, cab, or bus. In some hospitals or clinics, you may have to pay for parking).”
(“Things to Know About the Cost of Your Cancer Treatment”, 2020)

Those who know Pam know she is full of spunk, sarcasm, love, and always willing to play some poker. She still has a lot more hands to win she just needs to kick cancer’s ass first.

We know times are hard for everyone these days but if you are able, let’s do this right and help Pam get through this.

If you are unable to play but still want to help, please consider donating here.


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