BPO Masters Tournament

There is now unlimited value in winning additional Seats each season. Any player who earns more than 2 Seats in this 6-Month Season will begin earning “MASTERS TICKETS” for use in the Online Masters Tourmament as an entry, rebuy, and/or add-on. Seats won by November 5th will qualify for this.

Cost One (1) Masters Token for each entry/rebuy/add-on.

MASTERS TOURNAMENT: Saturday, November 11th, 11:30am (eastern)

The 1st Place Prize of this tournament:
Bar Poker Open East Coast Championship Day 2 Seat with an average stack of 250,000!

This means One Person Each Season will get an immediate “Bye” past 90% of the field with a minimum cash of $400 and will start with the average stack of 250,000! He/She may still play Day 1’s for a chance at a larger stack, but this is a GUARANTEED SEAT into Day 2 and IN THE MONEY!

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