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Play ClubKO PM –  Nightly Games, No Buy-ins! Top 3 Each game receives a BPO Token

Have fun playing poker online, compete on the

How It Works

You pay $40 for each calendar month and play in as many games as you want.

Nightly Games, BPO Tokens

Games will run *7 nights a week. Play as often as you like!

PLUS: Top 20 in points end of the season will host a special tournament, where top 2 finishers will receive a paid seat into the Vegas 2022 National event or $150 cash ( if you have a seat you may choose a rebuy at the National event) !

Prize and Qualification Details

Regional Points are back and will be a whole season. Regional Point Leader at end of the season will get an invite to the Kontenders Battle Of Champions.

1 out of every 4 games a player will get an invite to the Bar Poker Open National in Vegas 2022.

1 out of every 10 games a player will get an invite to the Bar Poker Open Super League Championship where 5 Travel Packages and 5 seats to the National in Vegas 2022 will be given away.

Still working on something special for the Regional Point Leader ( A trophy or coin, something so stay Tuned for that).So now you have more incentives enjoy.

Please Join Us in ClubKO PM!

All games will be on our own online poker platform.

Game times: 8:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm  Central.

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