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Nightly Prizes

We post nightly prize information for all of our venues on the website. We keep this information as up-to-date as we can, but prizes are controlled by the venues, and they do make changes from time to time. If there is a change made by a venue, neither the venue nor Kontenders Poker can be obligated to give the prizes listed on the website. If you become aware that the prizes being given by your bar do not match the prizes listed on the website, please let us know so we can update the website. Thank you for your understanding.

All prizes and promotions described on this website represent the league’s intention and expectation, but the league must reserve the right to make changes at any time due to circumstances beyond our control.

Kontenders Special Event Prizes

We run many special events including but not limited to charity events, VIP, Player of the Month, Regionals, Quarterlies and Kontenders National Championship. For some of these events, we give away seats or invitations to larger live tournaments such as Bar Poker Open or the East Coast Poker Classic.

Some prizes, such as prizes for our Regionals or Quarterly events, are posted on the website but are subject to change as each region gains or loses venues. (Please support your venues!)

In advance of all of our special events, we post prize details in our various Facebook groups.

When we give away seats to the Bar Poker Open, generally, those seats must be used within one year or they expire. That means you have your choice of two events to attend, since Bar Poker Open runs twice a year. (See BPO details.)

However, sometimes we are "comped" seats by BPO to give as prizes. In these cases, those seats may be "choice" seats (good for either of the next two major events) or they may be limited to just the one upcoming Bar Poker Open event.

All BPO seat winners will have to meet any and all requirements specified by Bar Poker Open, including but not limited to maintaining an activated account with them, and timely RSVP in response to their emails. Again, we do not own or control BPO, and we do not have full visibility into their system, so we cannot be responsible for any issues a player may have in terms of meeting their requirements.

If you win a seat, your buy-in will be paid for but you will still be responsible to pay a small dealer fee and travel ( unless posted).

If you win an invite, that means you have qualified to play in an event that is not open to the general public. You may play by paying both the buy-in amount and the dealer fee.

In some cases, seats awarded at our events are transferable, but generally, they are not. If the promotional information for the event does not specify that a seat is transferable, it probably isn't.

This has been a crazy two years and things with BPO have gotten confusing.

All League seat for the 2020 Nationals Had to be claimed no later than Dec 31 2020. If you did not do so you will not be able to play in the 2020 Nationals which is Day 1A and Day 1B unless you have a seat or invite thru Bar Poker Open. All league seats will expire at the National event being held this fall. Seats do not have a cash value unless it is posted. League seats being claimed for the 2021 National which is Day1C and Day 1B must be claimed via email By Sept 1 2021 or possibly sooner if dates are sooner. If you owe for the upgrade to Vegas it must be paid prior to issuing your seat

If you have questions, contact

Bar Poker Open

Bar Poker Open is a series of special events operated by an organization with the same name. Bar Poker Open is a separate organization from Kontenders Poker. Kontenders Poker (Kontender Entertainment) does not own or control Bar Poker Open.

When we post information about Bar Poker Open prizes or events on our website, we are doing our best to make timely and accurate information easily accessible by our players, but for authoritative information about Bar Poker Open tokens, events, and prizes, please monitor your BPO emails and the Bar Poker Open website.

If you have questions, contact

Cash Prizes

We occasionally offer cash prizes or a cash option as prizes in our special events.

If you win a cash prize, please email Kontenders League at with your Mailing address within seven business days so a check may be mailed out. Once we have your address Prize money will be mailed out within 10 days.

One Last Note About Prizes

If there is any confusion or disagreement regarding the meaning of prizes described in any promotional materials, social media, or on this site, the owners of Kontender Entertainment, which runs Kontenders Poker League, have the final say in the interpretation. We do our best to describe clearly and in detail what the prizes will be. If you have any questions or concerns about prizes, please feel free to ask for clarification before playing.

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