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Charity: We Love Running Poker Charity Events

Restock the Shelves Poker Charity Event

Restock the Shelves, Feb 2016

We at Kontender Entertainment and Kontenders Poker are very proud of our track record of giving back to our communities through our various charity poker events.

Kontender Entertainment, LLC founder Tom Wiegand (also Vice President of the Help a Brother Out Foundation, which serves the needy in the Apex, NC area) has always been involved in charitable causes, and has received a number of recognitions and awards for the charity work he does both through Kontender Entertainment and in other contexts.

But of course, that is not the motivation. We just recognize that we are fortunate, blessed, in so many ways, and we know that giving to those in need gives our league a higher purpose.

Charity Testimonials

First and Foremost, I want to thank God for all of you that shared and cared for me last night at Break Time Billiards! I want to personally give thanks to Tom Wiegand for encouraging my heart in such a BIG WAY!! There are so many people to Thank I don’t know where to start. Karen Boggs Thompson, Amy Hamilton, Anthony Cefola, Vernon Washington, Paul Thompson, Stephen Magee, Andre Lloyd, Mary Bruckschen, Lonnie Bruckschen, LaKisha Harrington, Thomas Gerngross, Sarah and your Staff at Break Time, Keith Davis, Greg Barone and the countless others they came out! If I didn’t say your name, charge it to my head and not my heart, because I LOVE You all!
From my family to yours, GOD BLESS YOU!!

Benjamin Dawson Published January 23, 2019

Kontenders poker has brought so much light to our family in a time of darkness. Our son was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease at six months old. We were so overwhelmed with our sons medicals needs and bills that first year. They showed so much compassion to our family and jump right in to help us thru that difficult time. Since then they have continued to show their support by raising funds for new treatments and a cure! We are so grateful for their love and support. We would not be where we are today without their kindness and generosity.

Nicole Manz Charity Cystinosis Research Published November 9, 2016

Tom Wiegand at KOntenders Poker has been enormously supportive & generous with the US Veterans Corps & our programs! We have been overwhelmed with the amount of support shown by him & the entire league. Thank you ALL for believing in us & for always being SO motivated to help us when needed. You all are the BEST!!!

Andrew Ladner, Executive Director
Jennifer Woods, Development Director

US Veterans Corps

US Veterans Corps US Veterans Corps NC Published November 4, 2016

What an amazing weekend! We are so blessed to have such wonderful support from our community! A huge thank you to your League for hosting a poker tournament for A Cure for Keegan! Also a special thanks to the Train Station Bar and Grill, Ryan Daniel and everyone that came out to play! Every Dollar donated will go toward better treatments and a Cure! Thank you all for being part of our journey!

A Cure For Keegan Charity Published November 2, 2016

Help A Brother Out Foundation would like to thank Tom and the Poker players for hosting several events to raise money for our organization. Its People like Tom and his Players that help us help others. The money Raised by this league has helped us turn peoples power back on, build a wheel chair ramp and other great projects we are involved in . They truly are an asset to this community.

HABO - Help A Brother Out Charity Published November 2, 2016

Partial Gift List

(Although the league has been aggressively working to help local charities since its inception, we have only recently started keeping track of this.)

Total Donations: $18,409.00

Date Location Event Charity Donation
Nov 17, 2019 Break Time Billiards Charity Event Toys For Lil Troops $1,000.00 In cash and Toys
Nov 16, 2019 Two Rivers Tavern Charity Event Lone Survivor Foundation $1,385.00
Oct 5, 2019 Break Time Billiards Charity Event Amy Hamilton $1,000.00 Another $1000 raised to help Amy Hamilton during her recovery period
Aug 10, 2019 The Neighborhood Sports Bar and Arcade Charity Event Mary Bruckschen $1,200.00
Jun 3, 2019 Dave’s Place Charity Event Kuntry, Jennifer, and Austin Pratt $824.00 Twenty-five players, 42 buyins, a generous donation from venue owner Dave, and we were able to give the Pratt family $824 to help them get back on their feet after their house fire the beginning of May.
Jun 1, 2019 Break Time Billiards Charity Event Mickey Weed $2,000.00 11 teams , 55 players came together to help out a fellow Kontender. This is what Kontenders is all about helping out family
Feb 3, 2019 Break Time Billiards Charity Event United States Veterans Corps $280.00 Winner of the Event was Brandy Lambert. There where a lot of food items donated to help refill the US Veterans Corps food pantry
Jan 20, 2019 Break Time Billiards Charity Event Benjamin Dawson $580.00
Dec 10, 2018 Break Time Billiards Charity Event Felipe Wilke $4,000.00
Nov 3, 2018 Break Time Billiards Charity Event United States Veterans Corps $590.00 Karen Thompson won the TV. Toys where collected that week prior and day off, estimated over 400 toys
Sep 8, 2018 Downtown Hall of Fame Charity Event Kontenders Helping Hands $500.00 Congrats to Richard Davila for winning the Poker Table. $500 was raised and added to the Kontenders Helping hand Program
Jul 28, 2018 Steel Spatula Burger Company Charity Event David Meek $800.00 Thank You to the players who showed and help raise $800 for David in his Time of need
May 12, 2018 Break Time Billiards Charity Event Lonnie Bruckshen $1,500.00 cash, food etc was collected for one of our own who lost everything in a fire
Apr 14, 2018 Break Time Billiards Charity Event United States Veterans Corp $800.00
Mar 24, 2018 Remedies Restaurant Drinks & Nightlife Charity Event United States Veterans Corp $500.00 Can food , Hygiene items and water was donated to local Military installation
Mar 17, 2018 Break Time Billiards Charity Event Cure for Keegan $750.00
Feb 3, 2018 Steel Spatula Burger Company Charity Event Homeless Veterans $700.00 500 in cash and over 300 pairs of socks where collected

toys drive award

Toy Drive Award

HABO Food Pantry

HABO Food Pantry

Cystinosis Foundation newsletter applauds charity work of Kontenders and Tom Wiegand

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