BPO Masters Tournament

There is now unlimited value in winning additional Seats each season. Any player who earns more than 2 Seats in a 6-Month Season will begin earning “MASTERS TICKETS” for use in the Online Masters Tourmament as an entry, rebuy, and/or add-on.

Cost One (1) Masters Token for each entry/rebuy/add-on.


The first Masters Tournament was held November 11, 2017. The second has not been scheduled yet, but will likely be in early May, 2018.

The 1st Place Prize of this tournament:
Bar Poker Open Championship Day 2 Seat with an average stack!

This means One Person Each Season will get an immediate “Bye” past 90% of the field with a minimum cash of $400 and will start with an average stack! He/She may still play Day 1’s for a chance at a larger stack, but this is a GUARANTEED SEAT into Day 2 and IN THE MONEY!

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