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About the Club

ClubKO is our own online poker club, where you can play for BPO tokens, BPO seats, and FUN!!!

As a club member, you will receive 10,000 play chips per month, which you can use to buy in to the club’s online events. 

The first season (13-week quarter) of play will begin on Sunday, February 23, 2020, with the first games on Monday, Feb 24th.

We will have three kinds of games:

  • Dailies
  • Token Games
  • Quarterly Seat Game



We will have “Daily 200” games with a 200 chip buy-in, and “Daily 400” games with a 400 chip buy-in. All chips will be paid out.

Play these daily games to build up your stash of play chips for more Token Games and for the Quarterly Seat Game!

Token Games

Enter a token game for 1500 chips

Top three will win BPO tokens.

Quarterly Seat Game

Enter the Quarterly Seat game for 20,000 chips.

Winner will win a Bar Poker Open seat!

If we get at least 30 players, we will add a season membership for the following season as a 2nd Place prize!! (Achieved!)
If we get at least 40 players, we will also add a season membership for the following season as a 3rd Place prize!! (Achieved!)

Format and Schedule of Events (all Times Eastern, and subject to change)

Format for dailies will be designed to last at least 2 hours but not more than 2-1/2 hours. Token games will be little longer.
Formats will be changed as needed to accommodate these time frames.

Registration for all games will open 15 minutes prior to game time. (Do not register until you are ready to sit down and play.)

10 am – Daily 200
1 pm – Daily 200 
3 pm – Daily 400 

Tuesday (added temporarily during CoronaVirus shutdown)
10 am – Daily 200
1 pm – Daily 400 
3 pm – Daily 200 

10 am – Daily 400
1 pm – Daily 200
3 pm – Daily 200

Thursday (added temporarily during CoronaVirus shutdown)
10 am – Daily 200
1 pm – Daily 400 
3 pm – Daily 200 

10 am – Daily 200
1 pm – Daily 200
3 pm – Daily 400

11 am – Token Game

Last Saturday of the Quarter (Tentative)
10 am – Play for a BPO Seat!

Joining ClubKO

Entry into the club will be $39 per 13-week quarter — that’s just $3 a week!

Monthly play chips will be disbursed at the start of the season, four weeks later, and again four weeks after that, for a total of three disbursements.

You must be an active member of the club to participate in any of our events.

Chips do “carry over” from one season to the next as long as you maintain an active club membership. (All chips will be removed from inactive accounts.)

Please read the Terms and Conditions before joining. Really. They aren’t long or complicated, and they are important.

Terms and Conditions

The club is intended primarily as a fun way for our league’s live players to see more poker action and make league friends across the country.

Just like any online poker site, the league cannot be and is not responsible for any connection or other technical issues you may experience during play. 

If there is a technical issue with our site during play, the league will look at the entire context of the problem and make a decision on the best way to resolve the issue. League decisions are final. 

Chips have no cash value, and are not transferable. Schedule and prizes are subject to change.

Each “quarter” will be a 13-week time period.

Especially during our first season (quarter) the league must retain the right to make any changes deemed necessary to ensure fairness and fun for all club members.

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