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About the Club

ClubKO is our own online poker club, where you can play for the following:

Three BPO tokens every day**

Eligible for League Player of the Month

Qualify for end of the year Championship

ClubKO is ideal for our players who are retired, disabled, or for whatever reason, able to play daytime online games during the week.

** Games will run only 30 days in October. There will not be a regular club game on October 3, because of the monthly game from the summer season of ClubKO.

Weekday Games

There will be three games each day during the week, at 11:00, 1:00, and 3:00 ET.

Weekend Games

We will play Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 pm ET

Want to Play ClubKO and ClubKO PM???

Now you can get access to the evening games as well as the daily games, for only an additional $10! This enables you to win tokens every night, plus qualify for the BPO Seat monthly game! See ClubKO PM for details!

Joining ClubKO

Entry into the club will be $34 per calendar month for ClubKO, or $44 for ClubKO plus ClubKO PM!

Join ClubKO for October Join ClubKO + ClubKO PM for October

[Note: Combo memberships will not count for determining prize levels in ClubKO PM.]


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