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Player of the Month

Regional Player of the Month Honors

The player with the most cumulative points wins Regional Player of the Month honors. They will have their name posted on the website.

New for 2020! League Player of the Month Tournament

The top players from each region, each month, will compete on line the second Saturday of the following month at 10:00 est prize pool 1st $75 2nd $25

Qualification is based on simple cumulative points. The number of players qualifying is based on the size of the region.

  • Larger regions (5 or more venues) – Top 10
  • Smaller regions – Top 5
  • Robin Resnick

    KOntenders Player of the Month for April 2020

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  • Alan Raines

    KOntenders Player of the Month for March 2020

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  • Grant Pealer

    KOntenders Player of the Month for February 2020

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  • Vinh Luu

    KOntenders Player of the Month for January 2020

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Congratulations to these recent Regional Players of the Month!

Orlando coming soon!
North Carolina  
Sandhills Alan Raines (Apr 2020)
RDU Clark Anderson (Apr 2020)
New Jersey  
Central New Jersey coming soon!
South Jersey East Sherri D'Arpe (Apr 2020)
South Jersey West Rob McDowell (Mar 2020)
Austin Shannon Bryant (Mar 2020)
ATX Card House Harley Wiyninger (Mar 2020)
Dallas / Fort Worth Dan Bragg (Apr 2020)
Lakeway Jonte Sutton (Apr 2020)
San Antonio Patricia Young (Apr 2020)

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