Player of the Month

League-Wide Player of the Month

Three times a year, we will have an online Player of the Month tournament with a $300 prize pool:

1st Place – $150
2nd Place – $100
3rd Place – $50

The top 5 – 10 players in each region, each month, will qualify to play in these tournaments. The number of players who qualify from each region will vary based on the size of the region.

Previous Winners

On September 15th, 67 top players of the month from all regions competed for a $300 prize pool.
Here are the winners:
1st Place: Jamie Barnes (Sandhills Region) – $150
2nd Place: Joe Wanek (SJ East) – $100
3rd Place: Mike Trainor (RDU) – $50

Next Event

The next of these tournaments will be in January, for the top players from September through December. Players who qualify to play will be notified by email. If you are ever unsure about your qualification for this event, contact your Area Supervisor.

Regional Player of the Month Honors

The player with the most cumulative points wins Regional Player of the Month honors. They will have their name posted on the website, and will receive a custom card protector.

Congratulations to these recent Regional Players of the Month!


Rahul Majjage (Aug 2018) – Austin
Eric Gardener (Aug 2018) – Houston

North Carolina

Charles Sloop (Aug 2018) – Gastonia
Bryan Parrish (Aug 2018) – Sandhills
Bruce Klein (Aug 2018) – Durham
Paul Thompson (Aug 2018) – East Raleigh
– West Raleigh

New Jersey

Karl Papousek (Aug 2018) – South Jersey East
Jordan Katz (Aug 2018) – South Jersey West

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