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Player of the Month

Regional Player of the Month Honors

Starting in 2020 top 10 from each region that host 5 games a week or more will compete on line 2nd Saturday of the following month at 10:30 est prize pool 1st $75 2nd $25

The player with the most cumulative points wins Regional Player of the Month honors. They will have their name posted on the website.

Congratulations to these recent Regional Players of the Month!

Orlando coming soon!
North Carolina  
Sandhills Fritz Barnes (Dec 2019)
RDU Jennifer Myers (Dec 2019)
New Jersey  
Central New Jersey coming soon!
South Jersey East G. Dull (Dec 2019)
South Jersey West Andie Ryder (Dec 2019)
Austin Ken Hanner (Dec 2019)
ATX Card House Pamela Cooksey (Dec 2019)
Dallas / Fort Worth Diogo Pereira (Dec 2019)
Lakeway Scott Daubner (Dec 2019)
San Antonio Scott Miller (Dec 2019)

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