Player of the Month

Regional Player of the Month Honors

The player with the most cumulative points wins Regional Player of the Month honors. They will have their name posted on the website, and will receive a custom card protector.

Congratulations to these recent Regional Players of the Month!

Arthur Tschoepe (Nov 2017) – Austin
Katrina Hopkins (Nov 2017) – Gastonia
Julian B (Nov 2017) – Houston
Karen Thompson (Nov 2017) – RDU
Karl Papousek (Nov 2017) – South Jersey

League-Wide Online Player of the Month Tournament

We also have a league-wide online Player of the Month tournament. Every player who finishes in the top three of any tournament during the calendar month is eligible to play.

Players who have multiple top-three finishes are rewarded as follows:

  • 10 – 19 top threes – one rebuy
  • 20 or more top threes – two rebuys

Players who qualify to play will be notified by email, along with the password to play in the tournament. If you are ever unsure about your qualification for this event, contact your Area Supervisor.

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place – $125
  • 2nd Place – $75
  • 3rd Place – $50

[For our New Jersey and North Carolina Players – If you win, you have the option to receive a paid seat into the East Coast Poker Classic instead of the cash! Just contact us promptly and let us know your preference.]

Please refer to this page for details about how to register and play in this tournament.

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