Regional Standings

Is This a Call or a Raise? (Did You Know?)
A player raises. Another player announces "raise" (having not seen the first raise) and puts an incomplete raise in the pot. What is the ruling? Read More...

Welcome, Sandhills NC Players!

We are excited to be bringing KOntenders Poker to Moore County, North Carolina!

Our first venue is Dave’s Place in Aberdeen. We are working on two other venues that could potentially launch soon, one in Aberdeen and one in Southern Pines. Stay tuned!

Ways to Win

In addition to the nightly prizes and the Bar Poker Open tokens for top three each night, there are several other opportunities for our players.

You could be the next Venue Champion, Regional Points Leader, or League Champion.

We will also be having our own special Regional Championship event at the end of this season. Stay tuned for details!

For Bar Poker Open, there is also a separate Super League…check below for standings. Is your name already there?


Player of the Month Standings
Venue Standings

Regional standings for Sandhills NC are based on the average of your top 20 scores during the season.

Sandhills Season 3 (09/23/2018 - 01/12/2019)

No standings available for this venue or region. [29536, 30844]

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