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San Antonio Hall of Fame

Most Wins in Region

TJ Dancy has 7 wins in 53 games.
Sarah Hendricks has 7 wins in 46 games.
Donovan Combs has 5 wins in 40 games.
Christopher Salinas has 4 wins in 20 games.
Sally Nagrocki has 4 wins in 40 games.

Players of the Month for San Antonio

May 2019 Points LeaderDonovan Combs
Apr 2019 Points LeaderMatt Elder
Mar 2019 Points LeaderLynn Whitehead
Feb 2019 Points LeaderSally Nagrocki
Jan 2019 Points LeaderSally Nagrocki
Dec 2018 Points LeaderTJ Dancy
Nov 2018 Points LeaderTJ Dancy
Oct 2018 Points LeaderTJ Dancy
Sep 2018 Points LeaderTJ Dancy
Aug 2018 Points LeaderBrett Couch

San Antonio Season 1 (07/29/2018 - 11/17/2018)

The Regional Points Leader for San Antonio is TJ Dancy!

Venue Champion for Two Rivers - Saturday is TJ Dancy

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