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Lakeway Hall of Fame

Most Wins in Region

Jason Parker has 10 wins in 24 games.
Scott Daubner has 4 wins in 26 games.
David Bucker has 4 wins in 18 games.
Heidi Parker has 3 wins in 15 games.
Jesse Gutierrez has 3 wins in 11 games.

Quarter 4 2019 (10/01/2019 - 12/31/2019)

The Regional Points Leader for Lakeway Region is Jason Parker!

Venue Champion for Shooters (620) - Monday is Scott Daubner

Venue Champion for Grumpy’s - Sunday is Jason Parker

Venue Champion for Shooters (620) - Saturday is Scott Daubner

Players of the Month for Lakeway Region

Dec 2019 Points LeaderScott Daubner
Nov 2019 Points LeaderJason Parker
Oct 2019 Points LeaderJason Parker

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