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Battle of the Champions

Kontenders League Championship is now Battle of the Champions

Here is the new format for League Champion!

2020 is Coming in Hot!

You’ll definitely want to get out there and qualify for this event. Look what is coming at the end of 2020! 

For the 2020 League Champion, qualifiers will play online in January 2021 for a share of the $1,000 Prize Pool!

Also, starting with the 2020 Champion, the winner each year will win a customized belt!

How to Qualify

There are a number of ways to qualify for this event:

1. Venue champ during normal season
2. Regional Point Leader
3. Charity Event winner
4. Regional Big Spender.
5. Player of the Month.

Prior Winners

Congratulations to these players who have won the coveted title of League Champion!

Robert Hanson – RDU, North Carolina

Marissa Dias – RDU, North Carolina

Karen Thompson – RDU, North Carolina

Diogo Pereira – DFW, Texas

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