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Welcome to KOntenders Poker!

We are a Social poker league  with over 6,400 players across the U.S. and more registering every day. We hold tournaments nightly at some of the greatest bars, restaurants, and taverns in your area. We host multiple games several nights of the week. We are also part of Bar Poker Open, to bring you more major events to compete in all over the United States. Have fun, play poker and win big!

( Gambling is absolutely prohibited.)


KOntenders Poker is the flagship product of KOntender Entertainment, a veteran-owned company.


Always Free to Play

Our tournaments are always free to play!


Nightly Prizes

Depending on the venue, win cash, gift certificates, and BPO tokens!

Bar Poker Open

Play to win $100,000 in Atlantic City in October, and $200,000 in Las Vegas every June!

Have Fun!

Play the great game of Texas Holdem, close to home, for free!

KOntenders Players Are Winning Big with Bar Poker Open!

The Bar Poker Open is an enormous community of bar poker players, a series of events with great guarantees, fun parties, and a National Championship Invitational. All events include Final Tables played on the same final table set of the WPT(c) including a Live-Streamed National Championship Final Table.

Our top players are invited to play twice a year against top players in the other Bar Poker Open Affiliate leagues, in the National Championships with minimum prize pools totaling $300,000!

Play in a sanctioned bar and place in the top three. Your TD will then get your name and email address so you can receive an invite to play online (tournaments are held every Sunday.) Roughly the top 4% from the online event will win a seat to the Bar Poker Open Main Event.

In addition to the seat, the first place online player every weekend is awarded a travel and hotel package worth $700!

Read More About the BPOVisit the BPO Website



BPO Seats Won

Paid Trips to Vegas

I couldn't sleep without bragging a little bit about a poker club that I am proud to be a member of. Some of you might play Keno, maybe bridge, or whatever. I've done it all, but never have I ever been part of a group of people like this. They are called Kontenders Poker Austin and Surrounding Areas, Kontenders League, and even though they have only been around a couple of years, the other area clubs that have been around so much longer don't even compare.

Today this poker club showed up big time to play the game they love and to help support little ole me. I can barely type this as the tears roll down. As if the stress of having cancer wasn't enough, the bills kept rolling in. But KOntenders said no, we got you covered!

The locations that KOntenders play at are not just venues, but partners with us. From the Georgetown Poker Club, to the VFW in Austin. We are family. To get these hospital bills down to a size where I won't spend my days stressing about it, I can't thank enough those that helped to make a way for today's fundraising tournament; from the owner Tom Wiegand, to our area supervisor Pamela Cooksey, and all the tireless workers behind the scenes:
Michele Bryant, Shannon Bryant, John at GPC, Hill Country Card Club, the VFW, The Whiskey Girls Saloon, Hardtails and our other venue the Mill.And to the big hearted players that donated auction items like:
Chris Williams, Benjamin Slaughter, Jeffrey Krenzer, Lisa Krenzer, Nicole A. Graham, Hannah N. Trimarco, Kaylynn P. Wilkins, Stephanie Nicole, Marcus Alan Townsend and George Luceroas well as nonplayers Cassie Miller, Eddie Harp, Donna Sebastian Harp, and of course everyone else that came out to play.

You were all so generous, I am literally blown away. I can't wait to plunk down your donations at the bank to get this hospital balance due lowered significantly!

I don't know who you do life with, but I hope it's with giving people like this! I hope I didn't forget to thank someone, I hear chemo brain is a thing. I am going to sleep much better now 💖💓💟

Cathy Welsh

Austin, TX

We have been playing poker at Two Rivers Tavern for about a year now, what a great bar and the food is terrific! Clayton and Sarah make everyone feel welcome and we always have a good time. We have become friends with a lot of the players. We keep going back to play because of all the great things mentioned. Everyone needs to come and check it out. The BEST POKER LEAGUE in San Antonio, KONTENDERS.

Patricia and Dennis Young

San Antonio, TX

Seriously! In the 3 months Kontenders has been here in Austin I have earned 4 tokens, played in 3 of the Sunday weekly qualifier tournaments and got "into the money" in 2 of them. I turned one of those into an entry into the $200,000 tournament in Las Vegas and now I'm going to use my second one for another one next year. There is tremendous value in this league. I'm not even the best player in the league and I've managed to do this. Also, a huge bonus is that the $200,000 Bar Poker Open tournament occurs right as the WSOP is going on so you get to experience that as well. This league has already done more for my poker game than 3 years has in other leagues. Just sayin'!

Joel Brandenburg

Austin, TX

I have to give a shout out to this Poker League and Tom for putting it all together, keeping it all together and doing a ton of work behind the scenes that none of us will ever know. To have the opportunity to play poker whenever I want with an absolutely wonderful group of men and women, is a true blessing. I appreciate the way all of you play against me with kindness an respect and to you I give that respect back to you. ... I love this league so much.

Tim Bailey

Apex, NC

Kontenders brings a diverse experience to poker. It's a unique combination of social fun and competitive games. I have beginner players that want to learn how to play, players that want to hang out with friends while enjoying cards and a beer, and other players that are trying new poker strategies and strengthening their game for trips to casinos. There's a place for everyone at Kontenders.

Andrea Martindill

Austin, Texas

I have always had a interest in poker and since finding this league I have been having a blast playing. There is a venue for everybody and the tournament directors run a smooth game.

Thanks for having this awesome league, Tom!

Luke Rivers

Round Rock, TX

I joined the league about two years ago. It has been a blast playing with people from all over the Central Texas area. The venues do a great job of hosting the tournaments and the KOntenders TD's and management team have kept the league growing and fun. The chance to win BPO tokens makes the league the best around. Where else can you play free poker and win a chance to play in either Atlantic City or Vegas for real prize money? Great job KOntenders!

David Oltmann

Austin, TX

I do enjoy playing in the league! I enjoy seeing the people in the league, yeah, some can be "quirky" at times but I'm sure they feel the same towards me, overall good people from all walks of life who have a common interest in playing cards. It doesn't hurt to win some cash and/or gift certificates along the way, I believe I've won well over $500 playing in the bars this past season and we're not done yet.

Greg Barone

Cary, NC

Kontenders Poker at Dave's Place is super! I have and do play all over. And this is the best run glory of all. Besides veteran owned the kindness and play is super. Food amazing but more than that. All the bells and whistles. Love the computer check in. Fritz the TD runs a great game. A lot of fun being here.

Mike Bradley

Aberdeen, NC

Kontenders Poker is the best. I love the fun friendly venues and people especially. It has been fantastic to meet so many nice people and make life long connections with such a diverse group.
It gives my dad and I do do something fun weekly and get out of the house. I play poker with my Son, nephews, brother and friends. The venues are safe and fun and it actually feels like family.
Kontenders is much more than a poker league. It an social event that happens daily.
I have already qualified for a seat to Vegas and Dad is working on his seat. The league rolls up into Bar Poker Open. I missed the last trip because I didn’t understand it’s much more than a poker game. I definitely had FOMO after seeing the pictures on FaceBook.
The league sponsors Veterans which I am very proud to be part of that process.
The league is so respectful of its patrons and is so much fun meeting and talking with so many interesting individuals

Paul Dicks

Austin, Texas

I thoroughly enjoy playing Free Roll poker with Kontenders San Antonio. I’ve played with other leagues before, but never felt as at home and welcome, or as trusting as I do with our directors here. It is so much fun and the folks who play are all very courteous and respectful. I hope they continue forever here!

Lynn Whitehead

San Antonio, Texas

This league is truly the best around! They care about their players, & do so much for so many different charities. I consider all of you my second family! Thanks again & we love you all!

Stacy Seff

Cary, NC

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