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Congratulations to Alan Raines, from our Sandhills, NC region, who finished first in today’s online Player of the Month tournament! 

While heads up against Ben Slaughter, and close to even in chips, Alan shoved preflop with pocket fours, and after giving it some thought, Ben called with KQ. Flop was no help to anyone, but the turn Q looked like it had sealed the deal for Slaughter. However, a miracle 4 on the river kept Raines alive and with a huge chip lead, the tournament was over a few hands later.

Sandhills is one of KOntenders’ smaller regions and is allowed only five qualifiers to play in these Player of the Month tournaments, but this is the third month in a row that Sandhills has produced a winner.

In addition to the League Player of the Month title, Alan will receive $75.

[Click here to learn about this year’s Player of the Month promotion.]

Congratulations also to Ben Slaughter from Austin, who finished second, and will receive $25.


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