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Play ClubRDU – Online Games, No Buy-ins!

Have fun playing poker online, and compete on the

Yes, these games are part of the RDU Region for purposes of all Regional prizes and incentives, as well as for Super League points! THIS WILL END MAY 1ST

How It Works

You pay $30 for the calendar month and play in as many games as you want. 

Games will run every night except Tuesday and Friday because we will have live games on those nights.

Games begin at 7:00 pm.

Prize and Qualification Details

If we get 20 or more players, all games will award BPO tokens and Super League points in the RDU Region!

If we get 30 or more players, each nightly winner will also receive a KOntenders KOin!

If we have fewer than 20 players, some games will get BPO tokens. That is TBD. Please join and encourage your friends to join, so we can give tokens every night. 🙂

Please Join Us in ClubRDU!

All games will be on our own online poker platform.


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