East Coast Poker Classic

This promotion currently available only in our North Carolina regions.

Kontenders Poker, in conjunction with Steel City Poker and Suit Up Poker, has announced a new major event, the East Coast Poker Classic, with a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool!

The first ECPC will be held at Maryland Live on April 21, 2018.

How To Qualify

To win a seat, simply:
– win a ticket by finishing in the top three at a local live game (currently this is limited to our North Carolina regions)
– finish in the top 10% of one of the online Saturday events and win a paid seat! (Up to four seats will be given away in each event!)
– remaining online events are Jan 20, Feb 24, and Mar 31, all at 10:30 am
To play online please set up an account at http://www.eastcoastpokerclassic.com

NOTE: This is a change to a different site. Previously these games were on eastcoastpokercruise.com but we are no longer playing on that site. All accounts have been moved over so you should be able to log in with the same user id and password as before.

Also…we are adding a number of other ways to win seats at our live events, so stay tuned to the Facebook group for announcements!

Multiple Seat Winners and Multiple Qualifiers

Win five seats and you will get a free night at the hotel!

Win five invites and you will win a paid seat!

Stay tuned to the Facebook page for additional details.

* All players will be responsible for the dealer fee.

These Players Have Won Seats Already!

Online Weekly Game Winners

Kyle Schafer (Winner, Week 1)
Paul Thompson (Winner, Week 3)
Karen Thompson (Winner, Week 6)
Bruce Klein (Winner, Week 7)
Jacob Daubenspeck (Winner, Week 8)
Marissa Dias (12/23/2017)

Special Event Seat Winners

Matt Schafer (Cans Across America, 8/22/2017)
Shira Samaniego (Cans Across America, 8/22/2017)
Jennifer Myers (Upper Deck Tuesday, 9/5/2017)
Brandy Lambert (The Corner Tavern, 9/6/2017)
Scott Flanagan (Upper Deck Thursday, 9/7/2017)
Paul Thompson (Break Time Appreciation, 9/9/2017)
Michael Trainor (Break Time Appreciation, 9/9/2017)
Karen Thompson (Charity, 9/24/2017)
Karen Thompson (Break Time Player of the Month, 9/25/2017)
Tom Wilkins (Comedy Zone Opening Night)
Rhonda Dias (Charity, 12/2/2017)

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