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**** Please note, This is a High Roller event for BPO Pro Members Only ****

Ten Tokens to Enter, Compete for Multiple Travel Packages Plus a Fantastic Grand Prize 

For those talented enough (or lucky enough!) to stack at least 10 Tokens (Top 3 Finishes) you have this amazing event to look forward to! 

August 1, at 2:30 pm Eastern time – This “Super High Roller” event allows multiple-token winners who are BPO Pro members the chance to play for multiple BPO Travel Packages PLUS a bye into Day 2!

Vegas 2021 BPO Travel Package Awarded for Every 30 Entries/Rebuys/Add-ons

  • Hotel Minimum 4 Days at Host Venue
  • $400 Airfare Reimbursement
  • “Day 1C” National Championship Seat

Grand Prize
FIRST PLACE ALSO wins a “Bye” into Day 2 of the Tournament you Redeem your Package For!.
Until now this exclusive seat was only for the winner of the Masters Tournament.
This amazing opportunity guarantees you a spot into Day 2

The Winner of this event will Win a “Bye” into Day 2 of the Championship you choose to use your package with a Guaranteed Average Chip stack.

  • This will allow the player to get past 95% of the field and instantly “in the money” during Day 2 with an average chip-stack (the expected field average).
  • If there is a field of 2,000 players, you will only have to beat out 100 players for the lions share of the expected $400,000+ prize pool in 2021!
  • You will also be guaranteed $500 or more for making it to day 2 before even getting to the venue!
    (Vegas 2019 minimum payout for making Day 2 was $700)



  • 5,000 chips for 10 Tokens
  • 15 min blinds (10/20 starting blinds)
  • 10 Token Rebuys will be allowed (First 8 Levels Only)
  • Rebuy can be made when a player is at 5,000 chips or less
  • Single Add-on will be allowed during the break


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