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Toys For Lil Troops provides toys to the children of deployed and low income troops! Year round. We will be helping the local Military in your area. A lot of do not realize that a majority of our troops live below normal civilians when it comes to income .This is a way you can say thank-you buy giving our troops family hope.

Where and When

Mel’s Lone Star Lanes
September 29th, 1 PM CDT

Donations will be as follows
$ 10 and a $5 dollar toy- 10 k in chips
$10 and a $10 toy-20 k in chips

Each toy donated after additional toy will receive and extra 2 k up to 5 toys
Add on $5 for 5 k, Rebuys $10 for 15 k up to 2nd break

Prize pool will be split 60/40 60% being to the players.This will also count for points in your new Austin Charity Region

For details and updates, visit the Facebook event page for this event.

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