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Greg Barone set a goal when Season 4 started with the Bar Poker Open and that was to win a Travel Package to Las Vegas . A travel package provided by BPO is a hotel for 4 nights and $400 Travel Reimbursement.

Well, it comes as no surprise to any of Greg’s fellow KOntender Poker players that Greg did a lot more.

This past Saturday, Greg Barone, from our RDU / North Carolina region, finished in the top five of the BPO Super League Season 4 online championship.

In just 5 short months Greg won a full travel Package to Las Vegas during a Sunday on line event, and now a full travel package to the Atlantic City Championship. Greg has also won 10 seats on line, including the two for each travel package win which will award him $400 in cash.

How did he do all this you may ask? By playing Kontenders poker in Raleigh-Durham and winning tokens and Super League points.

Greg says it was a “lucky BPO online streak.┬áHad to ride that wave. I’ll stop playing now as 10 seats was the goal once I won a few seats early. Could happen to anybody. Good luck to everybody over the last 5 weeks of the season!”

And it is true…this could be you! Find out more about the Bar Poker Open.

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