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Here is the latest information posted by Bar Poker Open on April 28th.

(See graphic below for a summary.)

We are still sad we won’t be able to meet everyone in Vegas this year. BUT… Our 2021 “MEGA” Championship is certainly one way of turning the “lemons” that we all have been given this year…


Here is the anticipated championship format for the 2021 Vegas Championship that will be effectively combining both the 2020 and the 2021 National Championships into one “Mega” Championship in Las Vegas in the Summer of 2021.


[Day 1A – 1B]
Qualification for the 2020 National Championship (Day 1A)
Will end on May 3, 2020

Your FINAL chance of qualifying for Day 1A would be in the “Step 2” on Sunday, May 3rd.

[Day 1C – 1D]
First half of the “BPO Poker Calendar” has always started with “Choice Seats”. You can start qualifying for “Choice Seats”, as originally planned, starting May 10, 2020

Your FIRST Chance of qualifying for Day 1C will be in the “Step 2” on Sunday, May 10th!

“Choice Seat” Qualification means you can qualify for ANY upcoming BPO Championship from now until July 2021!

Players Qualifying from before May 10th must participate in the 2020 National Championship (Day 1A). Players Qualifying after May 10th, must participate in the 2021 National Championship (Day 1C). Day 1B and Day 1D are the usually “second chance” days of each championship.

See full format on our blog:

♦ What’s The Prize Going To Be?♦
We anticipate at least a $400,000+ Total Prize Pool, with the possibility of even more if we get back to our regularly scheduled events sooner than later and/or players continue the “PRO” memberships!

Ultimately, the prize pool will depend on how many local games, online games, “Step 2” Qualifiers, and Players that Join in June 2021. Unlike every other Bar Poker Championship in the U.S, our Championship Prize have always gone up based on the more people participating. So the players are rewarded by our growth.

Start Earning Your Tokens Today Online through the new Bar League “PRO” Membership and get your friends involved as well!

The membership supports your local league, your own National Championship Prize, and is the sole reason we can continue to give you exciting events to look forward to when we are all back to the new normal!

♦ Will East Coast Championship Be Held♦
We think it is unlikely to expect that we will be hosting in Atlantic City in October, but we will certainly do our best to get something on the calendar before 2020 Ends or even Early 2021 once we can realistically start planning for one.

If we do not have an East Coast Championship before Vegas, we will most likely be creating an Online Championship / Super High Roller in which players can “choose” to use their seats.

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