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The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Playing a Tournament on the KOntenders Poker Site

Note that on a tablet or smart-phone, the site will be laid out a little differently than what you see in this video, but the steps are the same.

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How It Works — Read This Before Playing!

This is set up so you do not have to create an account on the play site and you do not have to remember a user-id or password.

Instead, based on your login on the Kontenders website, a userid and password will automatically be passed to the play site, so when you click the button below, you will be automatically logged in.

However… this means that if you get disconnected, you cannot use the login button on the play site.

Instead, do the following:
(1) Refresh the page on the play site, and if that does not work…..
(2) Hit your browser’s “back” button to return to this page, then click the button below to re-enter the site.

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You must be logged in on the Kontenders website to play.
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