Regional Tournament


Most of our regions have a week off between seasons, and many of our special events are played at that time. Regional Tournaments sometimes combine multiple seasons because of scheduling issues.

How to Qualify

The top 20 players in each venue are eligible to play provided they have played enough games at that venue throughout the season. (Most two game per night venues require 14 games to qualify. Most one game per night venues require seven.)

The number of games required by each venue may vary, depending on the total number of games played at that venue throughout the season. For example, if a venue starts hosting Poker games in the middle of the season, the number of games required will be reduced accordingly.

Chip Stacks

Each player can receive ONE of the following bonuses:

  • Venue point leader (+5k for each venue)
  • Regional Point Leader (+10k)

Highest bonus category applies. For example, if Region point leader (10k) and Venue Point leader in three venues (15k) you will receive 15k.


Prize Details

* A “seat” is a paid entry to a tournament. Player must pay a small dealer’s fee.

* An “invite” means you have qualified to enter the tournament but you will pay the buy-in and a small dealer’s fee at tournament registration.

“Nationals” refers to the Bar Poker Open National Championships, which are currently taking place twice a year.
Click for details about BPO.

* Travel money requires receipts for transportation and/or hotel.
* More Venues equals Bigger Prizes

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