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Regional Championships



Other than our Texas regions, each region will host their own championship. Qualifications for these events will be listed under the appropriate region. All Championships will be Scheduled a month in advance.  

Bonus Chips for all Regions

Each player can receive 25 k Max:

  • Venue point leader (+5 k for each venue)
  • Player of the Month ( +5 k)
  • Regional Point Leader (+10 k)
  • Charity winner ( + 5 k)

Highest bonus category applies. For example, if Region point leader (10 k) and Venue Point leader in three venues (15 k) you will receive 25 k max.


Prize Details

* A “seat” is a paid entry to a tournament. Player must pay a small dealer’s fee.

* An “invite” means you have qualified to enter the tournament but you will pay the buy-in and a small dealer’s fee at tournament registration.

* Travel money requires receipts for transportation and/or hotel.
* More Venues equals Bigger Prizes

“Nationals” refers to the Bar Poker Open National Championships, which are currently taking place twice a year.
Click for details about BPO.

All BPO seat winners will have to meet any and all requirements specified by Bar Poker Open, including but not limited to maintaining an activated account with them, and timely RSVP in response to their emails. We do not own or control BPO, and we do not have full visibility into their system, so we cannot be responsible for any issues a player may have in terms of meeting their requirements.

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