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Several KOntenders Have Memorable Runs at the Bar Poker Open Main Event

Sal Biancardi ran super deep, finishing 6th out of 1,053 players to bring home over $10,000! 

Cedric Lowe finished 21st for $1,500, and Vince Carnett was 29th for $1,000.

Congratulations to these three as well as all KOntenders who earned their way to Las Vegas this year!

Congrats to Sal Biancardi, from our RDU Region

Check out a few event photos of Sal on the Poker News website!

Sal posted on Facebook after his impressive run:

“Thanks to everyone of you for your thoughtful support in the past 3 days, during my poker tournament run! I’m blessed beyond all measures to have ALL of you in my life 🥰

“After the tournament, I was able to use my phone again, you all blew it up!!! 🔥 112 text messages, 23 messenger messages and countless of Facebook posts/comments, all with thoughtful messages 💕

“Hopefully I got back to all of you! 🙏

“Going into yesterday’s final table, my strategy was to somehow make it to FIRST with the short stack I had; but to at least survive to 6th payout, where I would get max value for that short stack… You’re silent prayers while watching me play, got me to that max payout plan!

“Sorry you all didn’t get to see me really play any poker; except for folding; but patience and folding is a difficult/but good option in tournaments, especially for me… As some of you call me Mr FOMO 😂

We are hoping to post a lot more photos and results from other players.

Please send your photos and results to Tom or Fritz asap to be recognized on our website.