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Text Messaging Information – How KOntenders is Using SMS

New to Kontenders Poker?

Welcome!!! We are always super happy to have new players join us.

Feel free to read below about how we use SMS / text messaging.

Then feel free to browse around our site to learn more about prizes and incentives, schedule information, league rules, and more.

About Our SMS Usage

Our intention is to send a very low volume of out-bound messages for announcements about:

  • new venues in your region
  • schedule changes in your region
  • special events, including events with significant prizes that you may have qualified for

We definitely don’t want to bombard you with text messages. We respect your time and will be careful to only send information that you specifically request or that we feel confident you will be interested in receiving.

Over time we will give you ways to customize what information you receive.

Note that we are just beginning to utilize SMS (text messages) league-wide. That being the case, our usage may evolve over time. In any case though, you can always unsubscribe by texting STOP.

What You Can Do

Our custom SMS / text messaging system will enable you to retrieve:

  • a schedule of the upcoming events in your region (text SCHED)
  • the current news / announcements for your region, which may include items that are not texted out separately (text NEWS)
  • a link to see your achievements and latest results (text RESULTS)

Game Check-In

In most of our regions, SMS checkin has replaced online registration for games.

To check in at a game, when you have arrived at the game (or when you are on your way and certain you will play), ask the TD or other players for the abbreviation to use for the location. Then simply send “checkin” followed by a space and then the abbreviation. For example, if the location is “xyz” just text “checkin xyz”.

How to “Subscribe”

First, find your region’s preferred number in the table below.

If you already have a player account with us (you have provided an email address) – simply text your email address (no spaces, no extra words) to the number in the table below.

If you are a new player and do not yet have a player account – simply text “ADD firstname lastname”.

A few tips

This is an automated system. What you send may or may not be seen by a league representative.

You are not subscribing to a specific number. You are providing your number to us and our system may use multiple outgoing numbers to communicate with you.

Commands are not case sensitive, even though we show them here in all caps.

The Number

You may receive messages from us on numbers other than the number shown below, for either cost or deliverability reasons. However, we ask that when you initiate a request to the system (checkin, sched, news, etc.) please use the number shown below. It might be helpful to save the preferred number in your phone as “Kontenders SMS.”

The KOntenders Text Number For All Regions: 855-594-4220

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