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ATX Monte Carlo Hall of Fame

Most Wins in Region

Robert Makar has 8 wins in 50 games.
Kevin Finley has 4 wins in 16 games.
J.R. Pena has 3 wins in 17 games.
Ernest Loera has 3 wins in 8 games.
Vincent Hendrix has 3 wins in 5 games.

Players of the Month for ATX Monte Carlo

May 2019 Points LeaderRosamaria Aquado
Apr 2019 Points LeaderRobert Makar
Mar 2019 Points LeaderMichael Luna
Feb 2019 Points LeaderRobert Makar
Jan 2019 Points LeaderRobert Makar
Dec 2018 Points LeaderRobert Makar
Nov 2018 Points LeaderJacoby Johnson
Oct 2018 Points LeaderRobert Makar

Quarter 1 2019 (01/01/2019 - 03/31/2019)

The Regional Points Leader for ATX Monte Carlo is Robert Makar!

Venue Champion for Clicks - Saturday is Robert Makar

Austin Season 6 (10/07/2018 - 12/31/2018)

Venue Champion for Clicks - Saturday is Jacoby Johnson

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