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Super League Live

Here is yet another way to win a seat and a travel package to the Bar Poker Open!

If your region has 80 or more BPO-sanctioned events during the Super League Season, the following will apply!

At the end of the Super League season, each of our qualifying regions* will host a Kontenders Super League Live Championship.

BPO Seats will be awarded to the top finishers at these live events. The total number of seats to be awarded will be based on the number of Bar Poker Open events that take place during the season, and will be announced after the season ends, prior to the live event.

Additionally, the Winner of the Live Event in each qualifying region* will  receive a full travel package to the event in Las Vegas!

How to Qualify for the Regional Live Event

To qualify, just accumulate as many Super League points as you can during the season. The number of players who qualify from each qualifying region* will be twice the number that qualify for the Bar Poker Open Super League Final.

As an example, in the following region, with 52 qualifiers for the BPO Super League Online Final, we would have 104 players qualifying for the Kontenders Super League Live event in that region.

This can be found above, under Major Events->Bar Poker Open->Super League Standings.

* A “qualifying region” is a region that has at leat 80 BPO events during the Super League season. Super League Season 8 runs from May 6, 2019 to September 29, 2019. This is 21 weeks. So for this season, a region would need to average about four BPO events each week to qualify for this promotion.

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