Texas Championship Series


Quarterly Championships

Every quarter, the top 25 players from each Texas region will play online, with the following prizes:

1st Place – Seat to WSOP circuit event (up to  $400) plus $250
2nd Place – Seat to WSOP circuit event (up to  $400) plus $165
3rd Place – Seat to WSOP circuit event (up to  $400)

Yearly Championship

To qualify to play in this yearly championship, you must achieve one of the following:
– Top 10 from any quarterly event during the year
– Player of the Month for any month during the year
– win any Kontenders charity event during the year

Top Prize – a choice of:

(a) a complete Travel Package and seat to Bar Poker Open in Las Vegas,
* or *
(b) a seat in the WSOP Colossus event!


* We may be able to add seats to Vegas as well for other positions.

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