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Texas State Championship

Prize pool to be determined prior to each Texas State Championship event.

What is The Texas State Championship?

The Texas State Championship will be held at the end of every season. All Texas regions will be involved. Regions will have a set amount of seats they or their venues may give away. 

How to receive an invite*****
 1. Venue Point Leader for the Season
2. Regional Player of the Month for any month ending during the season
3. Winner of any League Charity event
4. Regional Point Leader for the Season
5. Top Big Spender for any Venue
***** Invite means you have to pay for your seat ******
Cost is $100 pus $35 tournament Fee
If you win a seat from your region you will still be responsible for the $35 Tournament fee which covers Dealers,Food and Beverages. Details will be posted prior to every Quarterly Texas State Championship. 

Spring 2020 Texas State Championship Details

Date: April 25th Time: 2 pm Place: ATX Card House             1212 W Parmer Lane, Austin, TX 78727

Starting Stack 20 k
Bonus Chips ( Max 10 k)-
Venue Point Leader- 2k
Player of the Month -2k
Regional Point Leader- 5k
$5 Dealer Tip -5 k

Two Re-buys until 2nd break $50 for 20 k in chips all rebuys will be added to the pot

$35 Tournament fee includes Food,Beverages and Dealers

Prize Pool For $5,000 guarantee ( Prize pool may be adjusted prior to event or during event as the pot gets bigger) 

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