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kindness2Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can still ruin a great poker game.

We, as a league, cannot tolerate behavior at our games that would discourage other players from coming back, or cause our wonderful volunteer tournament directors any unnecessary stress or grief.

We are all adults. We are family. Let’s do our best to respect each other and show kindness to one another.

If something is going on at home or work that is so difficult or stressful that you can’t come to our games and act appropriately, we are very sorry to hear that. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. But also, please stay home until things are resolved enough that we can have a pleasant, composed version of you at our tables.

It is a little sad that we need to have this rule, and sadder still that we need to post a reminder about it.


At no time can any player or spectator threaten or berate another player. This will not be tolerated.

Remember, we are here to have fun! Acts against players, TDs, or the league such as but not limited to Yelling, Bullying, Slander, and Threats (both privately and publicly) will not be tolerated.

The TD is not there to play peacemaker. Any actions against other players that the TD feels are in these categories will result in the TD giving a warning or penalty without warning. Multiple infractions can lead to ejection from that game.

You may not like that 7 2 off beat your aces, but that is no reason to make a personal attack against anyone. You may not agree with a rule or TD ruling, however by playing you have agreed to follow them.


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