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Read Carefully: New Season Starts Monday June 1st
Schedule can be found by clicking this link-
Players will have to be a patron to that particular venue in three different ways
A. socialize with some friends at the venue inside or outside.Drink, Eat be Human again lol.
B. Order Food Take out, deliver, curbside
C. Call Venue and purchase a Gift Card
2) Once you have become a patron at that venue they will give you a password for the game online that day.
3) Players who are patrons can play in their car or at home. Players may also patronize the venue if we are allowed
4) Points will be the same etc. This way we can slowly get back to normal and for right now no one has to touch cards, chips etc.
This will help our venues in many ways and allow our players to play. Just FYI I will be covering the cost of BPO Tokens and not charging the bars the first two weeks to help them get back on their feet.After the 1st two weeks we will decide how to proceed. We will still offer one line Games to players who do not feel comfortable playing live yet.
ClubNC ends Sunday May 31
ClubKO new season starts Monday June 1st
BPO Pro is still going to happen in June go to

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