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An Online Freeroll for a BPO Seat

KOntenders Poker will be hosting an on-line free-roll for a Seat to the Bar Poker Open in Atlantic City this coming December!

This tournament will be April 14 at 11:00 am Eastern time / 10:00 am Central time.

All KOntenders players registered and in *active in the league are welcome to play.

We will be playing this event on our own online Play site. This site can be easily accessed via the “Play” menu on our website.

Some Things You Need to Know

A couple of things to note about playing on this site…

(1) You don’t need a separate account, or userid or password. Just log in to and click Play, and you will be in.
(2) You must log in to in order to play.
(3) Read the Play page of our site very carefully in advance of this tournament and let us know if you have any questions.

I suggest that you log in on Thursday or Friday, the 12th and 13th, to confirm that you are able to login, go to the Play page, click the “Play” button, and register for this tournament.

Forgive me for the caps, I am not yelling but this is really super-important: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL 20 MINUTES BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ABLE TO LOG IN.

There is no way we will be able to assist 30 or 40 players with login issues in the 20 minutes before this tournament begins.

One More Important Disclaimer

This online platform is fairly new to us. We have never run a tournament on this system as large as this one is expected to be.

So, we might run into issues. In truth, the reason we are having this special tournament is to stress-test our system prior to a couple of other large events that are coming up.

If you’re cool with that, AND you need this seat, and you are pretty sure you would use this seat if you win it, then we welcome you to play!

* To participate in this event, the player must have played at least once in the previous 60 days.

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