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We launch into the new BPO season in a spectacular way with two events in one weekend. Two Vegas Packages and 40 Seats total, guaranteed!

Saturday, June 17th
11:00 AM (eastern time)
Sunday, June 18th
11:00 AM(eastern time)

SPECIAL LAUNCH FORMAT: 1 Entry/1 Rebuy/1 Add-on

The format for these special events will allow a single rebuy at 3,000 chips or less and/or an add-on after 8 levels of play for 3,000 chips. Players can use 1 token, or up to 3 tokens, in each of these events and we count every entry/rebuy/add-on towards the Seat counts for a massive expected prize for the Week 1 weekend!

*Single Rebuy may be used any time during first 8 levels while player has 3000 chips or fewer. If eliminated and wish to continue, you must choose your rebuy immediately, you may not re-enter at a later time.

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